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Posted by on Jul 4, 2016 in Articles, Dating, Marriage, News, Relationships, Sex | 0 comments

A First Time: Losing Virginity As A Teenager

A First Time: Losing Virginity As A Teenager

Everyone loses their virginity in different ways. Some people, the lucky ones, lose their virginity to someone truly special. Other people aren’t so lucky, and lose their virginity more so out of curiosity than the passion of being with someone they’re in love with.

For this couple, let’s call them Beth and Will, they were the lucky ones.

Beth and Will grew up as next door neighbors in a town in the South. Their mothers were both homemakers, and were very close friends. Since their mothers were so close, Beth and Will were also very close friends, due to their mothers and being the same age, and spent every possible moment together went school wasn’t in session. Once school let out for the summer, Will and Beth were inseparable and spent their days with a large group of neighborhood kids. This happened every summer, almost as a tradition.

As neighbors, both Beth and Will’s yards backed up to a forest with seemingly ancient trees that towered over all people. A short walk through these woods, in the right direction, would soon lead anyone to isolation and a river.

Naturally, as the years progressed, Beth and Will began to notice their bodies change, and both had learned in school that this was natural. They noticed the changes in each other too. Unlike some, the curiosity didn’t get the better of them until they were both 16, respectively.

That was the summer following their sophomore year of high school, and hormones were raging. By this age, Beth and Will’s once large neighborhood friend group dwindled considerably due to moving and different interests. This summer Beth and Will were on their own.

On a particularly hot summer day, Will and Beth decided to swim in the river. After a school year of containing growing feelings for Beth and without the distraction of other friends, he couldn’t help but notice how changed her body had become, especially in a bathing suit. Beth noticed how he changed too, and was noticeably more attracted to him.

In their bathing suits, both went for a swim and relaxed on the river bank afterward. After weeks of flirting, and the occasional kiss, nothing much had happened. That changed this day. Will got up his courage, kissed Beth, and human nature took over. Beth made the next move. She began stroking Will’s member through his bathing suit, making it swell until he groaned. She slowly pulled his bathing suit down and noticed how big his penis was. Beth’s friends had only ever told her about these things, and she learned about them in Sex Ed, but she had never seen one in person before. As she grasped his member and began to stroke it, Will began to undo her bikini top and remove her bathing suit bottoms.

Will decided he would make the next move. He laid Beth back and started exploring her body with is fingers and lips. He raised up on one arm, found her drenched lips with his other hand and slowly began to slide his penis inside her tight virgin hole. Since they were both so turned on by the other, this was an easy venture. Never having done this before, Beth was tight and it hurt, but she knew Will was a gently person and wouldn’t push her past her limits. He noticed her wince and continued to take it slow, as long as she approved. As he broke through her hymen he clasped his mouth on hers and pinched her nipple, to distract her from the pain. Will began to slowly thrust his penis in and out, and it wasn’t long before Will came inside of Beth. After pulling out, the both of them cleaned up the slimy and bloody mess between their legs. The sensation was too new and fascinating for either to enjoy the first time.

Beth and Will became smart about their actions and using protection. Throughout that summer, they grew closer, and bonded over sex and their lost virginities.

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